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Youth Membership
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If you're under the age of 35 you have the option of joining our youth membership, which will also make you a member of the Young European Movement.

With your membership, you get all of the following:

- Membership of JEF-Europe: Access to regular international seminars and other opportunities, with travel reimbursements included.

- Better events with your local branch! For each member who is a part of a local branch, we support the branch with an additional £3 to help them give you the ideal YEM experience.

- Courtesy of European Movement UK, a welcome pack with a booklet, badge and welcome letters. After the welcome pack, we'll give you regular email updates to help you keep track of what's happening!

- Membership of European Movement UK, including regular offers such as an exclusive discount for The New European

- Investment in YEM's growth: Supplies for local branches, web systems enabling recruitment, events, and more!

- Our love and admiration

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